MATRIX Meeting
Year Three - 2006-2007
Battin & McAuliffe Middle Schools
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Maria Sanchez
Jim Caulfield
Robert Schwarzberg
George Ciggelakis
Mary Carson
Carmine Cicalese
Ines Pontoriero
Chanise Troublefield
Ihor Charischak
    Agenda: A working planning meeting for the June 12th event & June 8th breakfast.

    • Ihor passed out details for Jun 12th meeting including release form.
    • All worked on displays for Friday’s breakfast. If all goes well, the display will be used in Trenton on June 12th.
    • Photos etc printed out.

    Materials Needed
    • Displays
    • Notebook (Abstract/brochure describing three year project)
    • NCTM 06 Matrix presenation
    • Projects summaries
    • Teachers involved
    • And any other relevant handouts

    Project Summaries for Displays and Notebook
    • The stock market projects at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels
    • Awards ceremony article – George
    • Heather Brown’s Article – coming soon.
    • The use of TI Navigators at all 3 schools - David Reeseg, Claude Dallemand, Robert Schwarzberg
    • Noon Day Measurement Activity (at Westminster Academy) – Robin Murphy
    • Update on lessons using the Smartboard for submission to MATRIX database. Directions.
    • Keep an “electronic” log (in Word). Add to your "portfolio."

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