MATRIX: Math Achievement to Realize Individual eXcellence A Collaboration between the Elizabeth School District & the
Center for Innovation in Engineering & Science Education (CIESE)
    Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence (MATRIX): A grant program funded by the New Jersey Department of Education Stevens Institute of Technology








Elizabeth MATRIX Workshops - Summer, 2005 - Day 1 - Monday, August 15


  • Ihor Charischak, Carol Thompson - Matrix updates
    • Project Goals & Outcomes
    • EM/ TM Update; Differentiated Instruction
    • Update of CIESEmath EM/TM alignment
    • Benchmarks for Matrix Training
    • Review of projects (to date)
    • Logs, etc.
    • Address questions, concerns, etc.
  • NECC 2005 Presentation: “The Dynamic Classroom: Learning Powerful Math Ideas with Web-Based Software” – Keynote outline available as a Flash movie!

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