MATRIX Meeting Minutes
Year Three - 2006-2007
Battin/McAuliffe Library
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Monday, January 29, 2007 3:15 - 4:15pm

(PS 26 – Westminster; PS 75 - Battin; PS 77 – McAuliffe)
Carmine Cicalese - 75
Jim Caufield - 75
Steve Siracusa - 75
Mary Carson - 77
Chanise Troublefield - 77
George Ciggelakis - 75
Robert Schwarzberg - 75
Ines Pontoriero - 75

Maria Sanchez - 77
Claude Dallemand - 77
David Reeseg* - 26

* School day for 26 ends at 4pm. David not available for after school meetings.


TI Navigator status

The Ti Navigator experience has been positive. Maria Sanchez, Robert Schwarzberg , David Reeseg and Claude Dallemand have all used it in their classroom. Ihor will pursue with Mr. Alt the possibility of ordering on system for each school.

Registration for Stock Market
All 8th graders at Battin and Ms. Harris 8th grade class will be participating. George Ciggelakis will be attending workshop in preparation for the beginning of the program on 2/20/07. Ihor will check with Mr. Alt to makes sure the registration fees will be taken care of. For more info on the stock market game see

NECC - June 26, 2007
Ihor will speak to Mr. Alt about the possibility of sending two Matrix teachers to participate in the Matrix project presentation in Atlanta on 6/26/07.

New Initiatives from “Matrix Headquarters”
See powerpoint slides.
Main items:
  • Submit a lesson plan on-line
  • June 10th culmination of year 3 activities – More details at next meeting.
Matrix teachers will be working on projects that will be shared at the June 10th culmination session in Trenton, NJ. More details forthcoming. All Matrix teachers need to meet with Ihor to define their projects. Details will be posted on Matrix website.

Use of Smartboard
Problem: the Smartboard is housed in the media center which makes it difficult to schedule classes there.  Suggestion was made to roll board into a classroom and Matrix teachers could change classrooms with the teacher scheduled in the room with the Smartboard. Mary and Ines (with Carmine’s and Chanise’s help) will set up a schedule and coordinate the effort. Every Matrix teacher should use the Smartboard for an activity with students at least once a month.

June 10th event in Trenton, NJ – Matrix projects “show and tell”
Teachers will meet with Ihor to plan their individual projects for this event.

Please make sure that the logs indicate matrix related work and you must submit the logs to Ihor before you submit your time cards. Teachers should send them to Ihor by email.

Next Meeting/workshop - Monday, January 26th.
Make a note in your calendars. Theme: using the Smartboard in your class.