TI Navigator Workshop
with Andy Zweig
3-5 pm

Introduction to the TI Navigator.

Andy Zweig a TI consultant worked with the Matrix teachers in an afternoon session to introduce them to using the TI Navigator with their students. Each of the three schools in the project received a loaner set from TI and the some of the teachers will be using it very soon.

At Battin School, Mr. Schwarzberg will  be learning and using the system with his 8th grade students. At McAuliffe, Ms. Sanchez will introduce her bilingual 8th graders to this unique way of teaching while Mr. Dellamond will be doing the same with his 7th grade class. At Westminster Academy, David Reeseg, the 7th grade math teacher, has already begun using the system with his students. Details of early teacher explorations is fothcoming on this website.