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Passaic MATRIX Workshops -> Monday, August 29, 2005
Today's Activities:

Overview of Lesson Sequence (multimedia or web-based project): Develop a connected series of lesson that includes the following

  • Overview / Overall Objectives
  • Curriculum Alignment: Identify chapter / units
  • New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content standards
  • Each lesson should include:
    • Curriculum Alignment: Identify chapter / unit with corresponding page numbers
    • Time: approximate time for each lesson
    • Materials including technology integration component, such as handouts, web site, etc.
    • Technology-oriented learning environment: one computer station, pod of computers, or computer lab (minimum of two classes in computer lab or classroom with laptops)
    • Procedure: briefly describe what and how you plan to do
    • Assessment
  • Final Student Work:
  • Download the Lesson Sequence Document: LessonSequence.doc (68 KB)

Geometer's Sketchpad

  • Activity 1: Construction Vs. Drawing
    • Free exploration
    • Video introducing Sketchpad
    • Constructing a Square activity - adapted from the GSP Learning Guide (.pdf)
    • Video featuring Teacher analysis
  • Activity 2: Using the Transform Menu
  • Activity 3: Using Sketchpad Microworlds
    1. Shapemakers - an exploration of Quadrilaterals using a web-based sketchpad microworld
    2. Adding Integers - adapted from the GSP Learning Guide (.pdf) from the C:\Program Files\Sketchpad\Samples\ folder
    3. Video summarizing GSP
  • Activity 4: Using the Coordinate System
    1. Points "Lining Up" in the Plane - adapted from the GSP Learning Guide (.pdf)
    2. The Slope of a Line - from Geometry Activities for Middle School Students with The Geometer’s Sketchpad
  • Advanced Activities
    • Creating fractals
  • Explore sample units and lesson plans (add any sites / lessons to your Favorites)
  • Explore Sample Lessons and Activities



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