A Collaboration between the Passaic-City School District & the
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Passaic MATRIX Project Overview:

Sponsored by the NJ Department of Education's Math Achievement To Realize Individual eXcellence (MATRIX) grant program, the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) at Stevens Institute of Technology and the Passaic-City School District are collaborating to improve sixth, seventh, and eighth grade student achievement in mathematics through ongoing teacher professional development (see Workshops) and in-class support that focuses on effectively integrating technology into teaching and learning.

Utilizing calculators, computers, and Internet-based resources, the MATRIX grant will allow the teachers to engage students in authentic mathematic problems and activities aligned to the district curriculum and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, thereby making learning more exciting and more relevant to modern society.

This project is a one-year renewable initiative that will directly involve five classroom teachers at each grade level, 15 in total, from the following public and private schools in the Passaic-City Public school district: Lincoln Middle School, Yeshiva Beit Hillel, Yeshiva K'tana of Passaic Park, and Elementary School #14.

Additionally, each 7th and 8th grade participating public and non-public school classroom during the project's first year of implementation will receive one Pentium 4 computer, one LCD Projector, one InterWrite SchoolBoardŽ electronic whiteboard, and productivity and math software. A full list of these specifications can be accessed below:

Here is a description of student achievement within the MATRIX project during the first year:

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Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE)- Passaic-City School District

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