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Six activities Six Activities for NECC presentation

Lisa Jeter - 6th Grade Polygons and Polyhedra
Cynthia Bulson  - 7th grade
Measurement project
Soany Montilla  - 7th grade
Number town - fractionville, decimal town and percent city
Stephanie Tidwell - 7th grade
TI Navigator, Stock Market
Brielle Erazo - 8th Grade

Support Staff (not attending conference)
Brian Tully - 8th grade
Angelica Safanova - 8th grade
Roseann Andrich - 6th grade
Colleen Toal - 6th grade

Lawrence Hart - 6, 7, 8th grades
Teresa Mola - 6, 7, 8th grades
In the Classroom & Slide Show

This is was what I wrote in the proposal but will change to suit our needs.

The speakers will share 6 vignettes that illuminate the knowledge domains needed to effectively implement the Dynamic Classroom. Each activity is presented via multimedia and will take about 5-8 minutes. The 6 suggested activities are:

1 Road Sign & Bus Problem
What's the problem with word problems?
At the heart of the problem is a very simple, yet powerful idea: making sense.
2. Fraction & Decimals Darts
How do you find a number between two numbers?
The object of the Fraction & Decimal Darts challenge is to "pop" balloons located on a number line between 0 and 1.
3. What can spin wheels teach you about Geometry?
Learning Mathematics Dynamically with Geometer's Sketchpad
4. The Famous Jinx Puzzle
Pick a number, Add 11, multiply by 6, subtract 3, divide by 3, Add 5, Divide by 2, Subtract the original number. Why is this called the Jinx puzzle? Will it always work?
We'll find out using a spreadsheet simulation.

5. The Noon Day Project: Measuring Circumference of the Earth
This activity which involves participants from around the world recreating the experiment that Eratosthenes did 2200 years ago where he used shadow measurements to measure the circumference of the earth.

6. The Great Green Globs Contest
How do you learn advanced algebra by shooting down Globs?
Change the paradigm for teaching and learning. See video clips of how this activity transforms student’s attitude toward learning.
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