PS 14 Workshop - January 17th, 2007
Teachers attending: Debra Delsardo, Roseann Andrich, Colleen Toal, Lisa Jeter
8:30-11:00 Workshop
Workshop website:

Agenda Items
  • Discuss Lisa's participation in the June NECC presentation. The three 6th grade teachers will work as a team to develop a project to share then and on June 10th at the culmination Matrix event. Showed them Mr. Harner's tessellations project (Elizabeth Matrix). They also looked at individual work that Rick Harner did with his students (from the website). Mary Carson’s tessellation project is perfect for the Shapes and Designs unit in Connected Math. They just received the manipulatives. Problem with wording of Question for benchmarks. Roseann and colleen are on the benchmark writing team for 6th grade math. Criticized for a bad problem; reworked it. The belief is that teacher’s are best equipped to write test questions. However they should be based on expert’s work (Footnote: don’t reinvent, modify! Test writing is a skill – has to be clear and succinct.)
  • Went over Number town. They want VHS copies.
  • Burgerama – using the abacus tool (applet) to line up the fractions – see learning center activity.
  • Fraction addition facts followed by Fraction track game – Illuminations. Went very well. Roseann loves adding fractions!
  • What to do for presentation? Something from shapes and designs or Bits and pieces II (or I)?