Applet: Shooting Balls - Background Information

Subject: Algebra
Age Group: middle school


Shooting balls is an interactive game in which the players have to shoot an arrow to hit balls on a grid. The goal is to point the arrow (with a right slope and starting point) as accurately as possible in order to hit as many balls as possible. The game can be played at 4 levels of increasing difficulty.

You have to shoot all the balls with as few as possible shots.

Level 1 is the most easy. You can move the arrow by clicking and dragging.

From level 2 to 4 less and less can be seen of the arrow.

At each level you can change the starting value and the slope.

When you click on a ball, you see its coordinates.

You can play a game on your own or with two players.

You get two situations. When you play the game with two players, you may only shoot the balls with your color.

The score is as follows:

Programmer: Petra Oldengarm

Author: Michiel Doorman