Norman S Weir School
Matrix project Site Visits
December 1 & 12, 2006

December 1, 2006:

Mr. Hart and Ms. Mola welcome my visit to their classroom by showing me photos of their participation in the workshop at Lincoln Middle School on November 2,

In the first lesson I observed, the 6th grade students were working on making sense of probability. They were comparing theoretical probability with the experimental data they were collecting by using a spinner that can end up on a yellow, red, green or blue area. Which color would come up most often if the spinner was set in motion 20 times? Since the circle is divided into 8 parts and 3 of the parts are red, the students figured out that the probability of getting a red was 3/8 or 37.5%.

While Ms. Mola led the lesson, Mr. Hart helped individual students.

December 12, 2006:

On my second visit, the 7th grade students were studying the triangle inequality. After the students used straws to work on the problem, I used a projection device to demonstrate this Geometer's Sketchpad activity. (See fig. 1)

(Figure 2)
(Figure 1)

The 8th grade group worked on the problem of finding out the dimensions of a box that can be made from one sheet of paper that has the largest volume. This is done but cutting out square corners to form a rectangular solid. (See fig. 2)