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T.M.T. Summer Workshops -> June 22nd, 2005 - Day 1
Today's Activities:
  • Overview of T. M. T.  Project & Goals of Summer Workshop - Ihor
  • Progress report on classroom visits - Ihor & Carol
  • Morning Activities involving Microworld & Java Applets - Ihor
    • Factor Game - a great way to review primes, composites, and factors.
    • Spiros Three sliders determine three numbers. The turtle uses these numbers to draw a Whumpus, Whimsy, or a Gloop. Can you predict which shape the turtle will draw from knowing the three numbers?

    • Billiards predict the final destination of a billiard ball. Use your proportional thinking for this one.
    • The $1,000 Payoff: Rip-Off or Friendly Freddie’s Arcade?
  • Afternoon Presentation
    • Creating web pages using www.myschoolonline.com - Carolyn
Download: Technology Learning activity sheet


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