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T.M.T. Participants
School Name Grade Level E-mail
Conackamack Middle School   Jaclyn Levine 6/7 jlevine@pway.org
Lorie Rizzo 7 lrizzo@pway.org
Marcia Bishop 8 mpbishop@usa.net
Courtney Pallay 6 (Math), 7/8 (LA) cpallay@pway.org
Quibbletown Middle School Hillary Erdberg 6/7 herdberg@pway.org
Daria Catrombon 7 dcatrombon@pway.org
Virginia Bruno 8 vbruno@pway.org
Theodore Schor Middle School Gail Cunningham 6 gcunningham@pway.org
Steven Weisman 6/7 sweisman@pway.org
Sharon Lonergan 6-8 slonergan@pway.org
Sonal Bhatt 7/8 sdave@pway.org
Linda Proulx 8 lproulx@pway.org

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