Final Reports - Noon Day Project March-April, 2007
Posted: 05 Apr 2007 14:40
Noon Day Final Report
Aanestad Homelearners - Ladysmith
British Columbia, Canada
Grades 4&5

We are located on Vancouver Island just off the west coast of Canada. We have loved the opportunity of participating in this project. We think it is amazing that Eratosthenes was able to figure out how to calculate the circumference of the earth so long ago! We stated off our learning adventure by reading the books "THE LIBRARIAN WHO MEASURED THE EARTH" and "ANCIENT SCIENCE": 40 time-traveling, world-exploring, history-making activities for kids by Jim Wiese...and watching the DVD "COSMOS EPISODE 1-2" By Carl Sagan. This helped us understand what we were about to do. Next came the measurements themselves. We live in an area known as the Temperate rain forest, which might give you an idea of how much it rains here….but we were lucky and on March 21 we made our measurements as best as we could with the sunny moments we were getting. We drew a scale drawing of our measurement on graph and figured out our angle. We compared it to angles gotten from previous years. The angle did not seem right….we emailed Ihor and he told us that indeed our measurements were a bit off. We decided to redo them on another day. After a few days of sitting with our noses pressed against the window watching the rain come down we got another sunny day! We tried to hold our tongues just right this time and we must have because our second set of measurements produced much better results. We partnered with a school in Toszek Poland. With their angle and our angle we were able to calculate the circumference of the earth as 39,998 km…not bad!
This has been an incredible learning experience…first for the technical aspects, applied science, geography and math but also for gaining appreciation for the ever curious, beaming with potential, human mind….
Thank-you so much Ihor for all your encouragement and assistance…you’re GREAT!