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Advisory Council Meeting
October 21, 2004, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. EST


1.  Introductions and Logistics of Call (10:00 10:15)

2. Questions for Advisors to Consider During Discussion
  • What are recommendations to institutionalize and maximize the impact of the Pathways program among the participating institutions (3 consortium colleges as well as 30 additional colleges that will be involved in Years 2 and 3)?
  • Given limited financial resources, how might we provide support and incentives to encourage active participation in an online learning community as the project expands to new institutions and new faculty?
  • What are the potential opportunities and obstacles that might affect the work and expansion of the Pathways project under either administration after November?
  • What is the biggest mistake we should try to avoid in Years 2 and 3?
3Project Overview and Cohorts & Year of Entry (10:15-10:25) Beth McGrath

4. Savvy Cyber Professor Overview and Course Materials (10:25-10:45)

Mercedes McKay

5.  Real World Learning Object Examples (10:45-11:05)

Joshua Koen & Julie Cronin

6.  Savvy Cyber Professor Session  4 (11:05-11:25)

Mike Lang

7.   Project Evaluation (11:25-11:45)

Susan Lowes

8.   Next Tasks (11:45-12:00)

  • Beta Testing and Revisions

  • Implementation of Cohort 2 (at 3 Partner Colleges)

  • Recruitment/Implementation for Cohort 3 (12 New Community Colleges)

Beth McGrath

9.  Dissemination (12:00-12:15)

Ed Leach & Marga Torrence

10.  Discussion and Advisor Feedback (12:15-1:00)

  • Discussion of topics from above

  • Feedback, Suggestions:  Savvy Cyber Professor

  • Feedback, Suggestions:  Real World Learning Objects

  • Recommendations for Recruitment for Cohorts 3, 4

  • Other Funding Opportunities

11. Scheduling Next Advisory Council Meeting-May/June 2005 Beth McGrath
Backup Materials

Overview ppt
Savvy Cyber Professor ppt
Cohorts & Year of Entry doc
Evaluation ppt


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