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How Much Does This House Really Cost? (.doc) See RWLO document This project allows students to investigate how much they would actually pay for a house through a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, with interest included, after 30 years. Dr. Daniel J. Rose, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Mercer County Community College
Linear Functions and Mathematical Modeling (.doc) - Assignment_Handout.doc
- Graph_Paper.doc
- Graphical_Analyses.doc
Students use a collaborative database to graph boiling point and altitude data and derive the linear function that describes this relationship. This model can be used to predict boiling points at different altitudes which can be compared to known values. Lois Hansen-Polcar, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Polynomial Functions and Mathematical Modeling Student Directions and Additional Materials Using the Global Sun Temperature Telecollaborative database, students learn how quadratic equations and other high-order polynomials can be used to model non-linear relationships (e.g. temperature vs. latitude). Mercedes McKay, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
Population Explosion Using an Exponential Function (.doc) -Continuous_Change_Model_Worksheet.doc
Students will derive and use two different population growth models to estimate populations after 1999. Julie Cronin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Cuyahoga Community College / Mercedes McKay, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
Logarithms and Car Payments (.doc) - Car_Loan_worksheet.doc Students will use logarithms to calculate how long it will take them to pay off a car loan based on the amount of the loan, the monthly payment, and an interest rate. Julie Cronin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Cuyahoga Community College
Using the Equation of a Line to Determine the Rotational Rate of the Sun (doc) - sun_longitude_and_latitude_grid.doc
- sunspot_data_worksheet_.doc
- assessment_of_sunspot_data_worksheet.doc
Students will use sunspot solar coordinates to create a linear position vs. time graph and calculate the equation of this line to determine the rotational rate of the sun. Julie Cronin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Cuyahoga Community College
Monthly Mortgage Payment (doc) - Mortgage worksheet Calculate the monthly mortgage payment for a home using 15 and 30 year terms. Susie Nagorney, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Logarithms and the Richter Scale (.doc) See Word document The focus is on the application of logarithms as used in the Richter Scale, which identifies the magnitude of earthquakes. In addition, the relationship between basic exponential and logarithmic functions is emphasized. Dr. Debbie Massari, Cuyahoga Community College
Extra housepayments effect See Word document Students will access the Internet to find a current interest mortgage rate for their city and state. They will apply this rate to an Internet based mortgage calculator and discover the effect that paying extra on their monthly house payment has on total interest paid and length of the loan. Frank Bambic, Instructor, Cuyahoga Community College
Cell Phone Algebra Student materials Students acquire cell phone plan costs from provider websites and create an algebraic expressions that represents the cost of the plan. Data is used to compare different providers. Erika M. Weliczko, Instructor, Cuyahoga Community College
Linear Function Applied to Flight Distance (.doc) See WORD Document This RWLO will take a student through the journey of applying a real-world experience into the context of learning and understanding linear equations. The journey will be one of a real-time airline flight in progress. It will be a simple application of using the point slope form, slope intercept form, and the graphing of a linear function to verify the distance traveled by the flight. Karl Naito