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RWLO Title Student Materials Description Author
Chemistry Intellectual Property Student Directions Introduce the concept of intellectual property, specifically US Patents, to the chemistry student.
It describes the process of accessing and searching the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, (“USPTO”).
Terrence P. Sherlock, Chemistry Lecturer, Burlingotn County College
Understanding Boiling Point (.doc) -Pressure-Boiling_Point_Relationship.ppt
Students use a collaborative database to investigate the boiling point of water and the effects that changes in altitude and air pressure make. Lois Hansen-Polcar, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Careers for Scientists (.doc) Student worksheet (.doc) Find information on careers for scientists using the websites of publicly traded chemical or drug companies Janet Lansinger, Chemistry Instructor, Middlesex County College
Accessing Chemical Safety Information Student directions Students will locate an MSDS on a commercial product containing multiple chemicals and interpret the information to evaluate appropriate measures for safe use, handling and storage of the chemical product. Leslie J. Hersh, Delta College
Dimensional Analysis Content Materials The purpose of this learning object is to use a "CAT", which uses real-time data, to ascertain if students have developed the ability to solve unit conversion problems. Marta E. Goicoechea-Pappas, Professor of Chemistry, Miami Dade College