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News Values: How Editors Determine the News Student Directions and Referenced URLs Presentations of eight qualities editors use to determine if an event is newsworthy. Students are required to demonstrate their understanding of theses values. Emanuel Hughley Jr., Assistant Professor of English and Journalism, Cuyahoga Community College
"A Day in a Liberator's Life":Witness to History (.doc) (SEE Word Document) Unique reflections on World War Two from participant witnesses Professor Peter Robert Monck, Miami Dade College
Systematic and Explicit Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction: Is It Important? Student directions Students will gain an understanding of how systematic phonemic awareness and phonics instruction gives children a tool to use in the process of learning how to read and write. Libby E. Roll, Assocoiate Professor, Stark State College of Technology
Developing a Speech Outline Student directions Utilizing Dr. King's landmark "I Have A Dream" speech, this RWLO provides an opportunity for students to develop critical speech communication competencies. Joseph Swaba, Associate Director, Maricopa Community College