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Modeling Data - Building Permit Data (.doc) -1ContentMaterial_data.doc
Students use US Federal Statistics data to plot building permit data to determine which mathematical model that best fits the data and make predictions regarding the number of permits to be issued for a particular year. Natalie Rivera, Estrella Mountain Community College
Graphing U.S. Presidential Elections (.doc) See Word Document This RWLO allows students to develop their skills in constructing and interpreting statistical graphs in the context of past presidential elections. In addition, students will be asked to think critically about graphs by selecting the best graph for a given scenario. James Ham, Delta College
How Safe Is My Town? See Word Document Students will gather crime statistics about their town using the FBI's latest crime report. Don Lavigne, Associate Professor, Austin Community College
Percent Change and our National Debt (.doc) See Word document This RWLO requires students to access data on the national debt online, and to calculate the percent change in the national debt over a period of several years. Christine McCandless, Cuyahoga Community College
To Invest or Not to Invest

Stock Prices

Class Activity

Graph Paper

Students will track stock prices. They will graph and calculate statistical information about their stocks. Sally Jackman, Richland College
Graphs in the Media (.doc)

Slide Show (.ppt)

Spreadsheet (.xls)

Project (.doc)

This RWLO explores the website of the National Center for Health Statistics to find examples of different graphical representations of data. Karen Mitchell, Instructor, Rowan Cabarrus Community College