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Stevens Institute of Technology

Literacy and Literature - Publishing for a Global Audience


Time: Approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Materials: Computers with Microsoft PowerPoint or similar program, Internet access, Student Directions, and publishing.ppt file (72.5 KB).

Implementation: This RWLO can be implemented during class time if each student has access to a computer and the Internet both for reviewing the PowerPoint presentation and browsing/searching and the student publishing web sites. Otherwise, it should be provided as an out-of-class assignment.

  1. Present in class or have students access the following short PowerPoint presentation "Introduction to Publishing Student Work on the Internet":
  2. Provide access to the Student Directions and/or print and distribute the Student Worksheet (publishing.doc - 1 MB) located in the Content Material section of this RWLO.
  3. Students should enter one of the four sections (Shelf I., Shelf II., Shelf III., and Shelf IV) from the International Kids' Space Storybook student publishing web site and answer questions 1-3 under Part B: The Storybook Student Publishing web site.
  4. Students should visit and review the Adults Only and Just for Kidz sections of the Kidz Privacy web site and identify a minimum of four (4) items that they will need to consider when using a student publishing web site in their classroom.
  5. As a culminating assignment, students will browse and select a student publishing web site that they might use in their K-12 classroom from the list in the Supplementary Resources. Once selected, they should complete questions 1-6 associated with the assignment under Part D: Select a Student Publishing site. Their response may be discussed in class.


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