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Stevens Institute of Technology

Slavery in America - First-hand Accounts from Former Slaves

Links to Course Competencies

This RWLO could be applied in the following courses: American Literature, African-American Literature, American history and others. Specifically, this RWLO meets the following Language Arts course competencies (others are listed below):

  • Describe the historical and cultural background of the major periods in African-American literary history including the slavery era.
  • Analyze and understand the economic, social, cultural, and political effects, among others, upon slavery.
  • Read and listen to primary sources and works of literature from various historical periods.
  • Optional Component: Use multiple sources related to a singular topic to understand how authors develop their ideas.

Other Course Competencies:

  • Educational Technology: Use content-specific tools, such as the Internet to support learning and research.
  • Educational Technology: Use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.


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