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Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics


Recommendations for Integration:
  • This RWLO is best suited for an introductory earth science course and is meant to serve as an introduction to the study of earthquakes. The RWLO concludes with having students speculate on the causes of earthquakes. Subsequent lessons should cover the cause and impact of earthquakes in greater detail.
  • This RWLO demonstrates inquiry-based learning by having students examine, first-hand, recent earthquake data and then looking for patterns in the data in an effort to discover the cause of earthquakes.

  • Back-up web sites for the earthquake data are provided in the Content Material section. However, the instructor could also print-out all of the materials referenced in the Content Material section of this web site and provide sufficient copies to the students in the event that the Internet is not available.


(NOTE: this RWLO is based on the Musical Plates Project)

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