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Human Genetics and the Dominant Trait

Project Overview

In a given population, is the dominant trait the most frequently occurring? One way to find out would be to participate in the Human Genetics Project: A Worldwide Search for the Dominant Trait and ask a lot of people all over the world which traits they have, and then analyze the collected data.

While participation in this telecollaborative project can be both exciting and an authentic learning experience for students, it unfortunately may take longer to implement in a college course than the time allotted. However, given a limited timeline it is possible to make use of this powerful learning opportunity through the use of archived data.

For this activity, students will make predictions and conduct a brief genetic survey with their peers in their classroom by analyzing several common dominant / recessive traits and then use archived data collected from the Human Genetics project to determine if dominant traits occur more frequently in a given population.


(NOTE: this RWLO is based on the Human Genetics Project: A Worldwide Search for the Dominant Trait)

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