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Population Growth & Urban Sprawl

Project Overview

As we enter the 21st century, the human population finds itself in the midst of exponential growth and struggling with all the problems that classically occur with exploding numbers. Although there are many concerns that must be dealt with, this Real World Learning Object focuses on constructed human environments. With urbanization a clear trend, we must learn how to build livable and sustainable cities that nuture the needs of the present while insuring the security of the future.

To begin this study, we must first determine the magnitude of the problem and evidence of problematic city growth (urban sprawl). Developmental map studies provide a clear pattern of our population's assault on natural North American ecosystems. The southwestern quarter of the United States currently leads the nation in population growth. The city of Phoenix, Arizona provides an excellent case study. Next, you will compare to other major cities of the world and how they are accomodating their growth. Other evidence will be gathered from the growth in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

Lastly, you will look at some specific examples of how growth can be accomodated and cities can be constructed in a more livable and sustainable manner.