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Population Growth & Urban Sprawl


This RWLO is designed with the flexibility to either deliver entirely online or within the confines of a campus based computer lab. All computers need to have online access since students will each work with online resources.

Campus Based Computer Lab
If students are working synchronously in a computer lab, the instructor should begin with an explanation of RWLO structure. Tell students to follow the online web page directions and use the accompanying handout to record observations and draw conclusions. Consider placing the assessment rubric on the board so students know their observation accuracy and logical conclusions are important and will be reflected in their ultimate score on this project. Have the report handouts pre-printed for distribution OR allow students to print their own through the computer lab printer. Another consideration is to have students work in pairs on a single computer and prepare a single report for the two of them. This encourages discussion and increases confidence.

Independent Online Activity
Another possibility is to link the RWLO from the course web site and for students to work through it independently. The instructions are adequately specific to walk students through step by step. The worksheet can be mailed or FAXed in or collected on campus. Alternatively, most course management systems (WebCT or Blackboard) provide for essay style quizzing. An online quiz could be generated that parallels the worksheet. This way, student reponses could be immediately submitted for evaluation.