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Population Growth & Urban Sprawl


Recommendations for Integration:
This RWLO can benefit any course that examines the environment, sociology, American history, humanities, or even the impacts of civil engineering. Accomodating our exponentially expanding population without compromising our quality of life or the ecosystems that surround us truly is a study that cuts across many disciplines. In fact, our artists seem to first perceive and feel the anguish of our mistakes. The RWLO, or the components and resources that are provided, provide students the opportunity to witness the effects of the past two hundred years of American conquest of North America. This conquest has come at a high cost, however, and this RWLO allows students to see and hopefully internalize the mistakes with a goal of achieving a sustainable and livable future.The RWLO can be implemented in many ways. Three possible suggestions are:

  • Projected to big screen and working through the parts as an entire class.
  • Independent work assigned to students online.
  • As a guided activity in a computer lab.

Visit each of the websites and print critical pages and images. Prepare and print a classroom set of these documents just in case internet connection is lost or websites are down. Properly done, this classroom set of documents wouldn't be "consumed" since student work will be on the worksheet.