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Stevens Institute of Technology

Discover Educational Listservs: Portals to New Information


Time: Approximately 30 minutes

  1. Present in class or have students access the short PowerPoint presentation "Introduction to Listservs."
  2. Students should browse through the listserv and online discussion forum resources provided to find one of interest to them. This may be done during class time if individual students each have access to the Internet both for browsing/searching and for e-mail. Otherwise, it should be done as an out-of-class assignment. Students may search for additional listservs on their own if desired.
  3. As an assignment, students will subscribe to a listserv and post a message. Alternatively, they may register for an online discussion forum and post a message. Students should keep copies of their posted message as evidence of completing this assignment.
  4. Student should complete the questions associated with the assignment. These may be discussed in class.
 Note: Additional information about listservs, including etiquette for using a listserv can be found in the Supplementary Resources section.


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