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Use Excel to create a Climatogram


Recommendations for Integration:
  • This problem-based RWLO can be used either as a classroom / computer lab activity or assigned for homework to provide an opportunity for students to graph real world data using a spreadsheet program. It is recommended that each student work individually to create their climatograms. Also, before assigning this activity to your students, it is HIGHLY recommended that you follow the Student Directions and create a climatogram yourself using the weather web site. This will prepare you for whatever inevitability you may encounter.

  • Download the climatogram.xls spreadsheet (13.5 KB) to each of the student computers or to a diskette prior to the lesson and save/print out the climate (temperature and precipitation) data for Your City from the Weather Channel web site and all of the materials referenced in the Content Material section of this web site.


(NOTE: this RWLO is based on Lesson C5: Weather and Climate from the Weather Scope project)

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