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Dimensional Analysis CAT



Approximately 10 minutes


  • Computer with Internet Access

  • Digital Projector connected to the computer

  • Calculator  [A calculator is an indispensable tool that a student should always have at their disposal in a classroom setting]

  • Memory Matrix and Half Sheet Response Form   [Though this form, which is to be cut in half, is not necessary - it serves to help faculty to easily collect and analyze data in a manner that is time efficient.]


This RWLO CAT is to be administered immediately after students have received instruction on metric-metric and English-metric interconversions using dimensional analysis.


  • Pass out Memory Matrix and Half Sheet Response Form.

  • While the students are filling out the Memory Matrix portion of the CAT, the instructor can start to gain access to a web site (, which gives current prices for various precious metals and currency exchange rates.   Scroll down so that both the price of the metal and the currency exchange rates are visible.

  • Select a precious metal, have students record the current bid price in the New York Spot Market (given in $US/oz), select a currency, have students perform a currency/mass interconversion.  This should take no more than 5 minutes.

  •  Have the students turn in the CAT.

  • Analyze the CAT and based on its results, teaching effort refocusing may be necessary.