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Real World Learning Objects: Science

Measure Internet Transmission Speed Using ping

Content Material

Student Directions:

·        Lab Handout (“Activity Sheet” – WORD document)  

·         SLIDES ( WORD document – students may share printed copies)

·        LAB RESULTS – (Excel Spreadsheet -- record observations on printed copy )  


Instructor’s Presentation:

  Network,  packet,   Start, Command Window, ping, ping result, tracert

  (All graphics are included in the SLIDES document for handout to students.)


Referenced URLs:

Inter-Network Mapping


  This is a nifty color diagram of the Internet showing major ISPs, referenced from which has a variety of network maps illustrating the growth of the internet.


Internet Weather Report 

These sites are examples of websites that measure “weather” (aka “traffic”) based on frequent “pings” to routers of major internet providers (“ISP’s”).  “Bad weather” is a detected outage of a router, indicated by 100% packet loss. 




Bandwidth Speed Tests


The “toast” site is extremely simple to use and measures connection speed between the user’s computer and any one of a number of commercial servers located throughout the internet.  User can select the target to test against, and the type of data to be used (e.g., image or text).  Result is quickly achieved, and display of result includes a link to “fastest ISP’s”. 


      This makes an excellent follow-up activity!



A more complicated test process that reports speed of user’s connection measured against a target site.