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Real World Learning Objects: Science

Measure Internet Transmission Speed Using ping

Project Overview

This RWLO introduces some concepts of net-centric computing to students in an Introduction to Computing class for non-majors taking an introductory course in the field of Computer Science or Information Systems.  It is also appropriate for students studying Educational Technology.


Students use the ping utility to measure packet turnaround time and then collaborate to evaluate the quality of connections.  An overarching goal of this activity is to provide beginning students with some insight into the real-time message speeds and complex routing operations that make the modern Internet possible.  


The Procedure describes an in-class lab in which students can experiment with ping and gather baseline information using the computers and network connections of the school during the class meeting time.  An optional follow-up assignment is provided as a supplemental activity.

The activities described can also be structured to accommodate a variety of constraints:  e.g., no accesses to computers during class meeting time, lab computers do not use Windows XP operating system, or shorter activity time desired.  In addition, a number of supplemental activities and resources are described that allow students to engage in additional exploration of Internet connectivity at a beginner level.