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Real World Learning Objects: Science

Measure Internet Transmission Speed Using ping


Recommendations for Integration:

This Internet-based RWLO can be used either as a computer lab activity or assigned for homework (see Backup below) to provide an opportunity for students to assess real world network performance using the ping and tracert utilities.  It is recommended that each student work individually to develop the data, while collaborating with others in the class to solve logistic or data interpretation issues.

Before assigning this activity to your class, you should follow the Lab Handout procedures in situ to assure that your classroom internet connection and workstation security setup will support the procedures as written.  You should also prepare to project the graphics Network,  packet,   Start, Command Window, ping, ping result, tracert and, if desired, set up the instructor workstation to project a real-time demonstration of ping and tracert as needed. 

Note that an optional follow-up activity and handout is outlined in the Supplementary Resources section and may be assigned as homework if desired.  This would require a second class session devoted to completing the supplemental activity. 

If you opt to omit the follow-up activity, it might nonetheless be useful to demonstrate an Internet Weather Report such as  Point out to the class that the data used is identical to that shown by ping, and is automatically updated (using ping) about once every ten minutes. 



Limited Internet access:  If no Internet access at all in classroom, use graphics Network,   packet,   Start, Command Window, ping, ping result, tracert to introduce topic and demonstrate procedure.   Group students as described in Supplementary Resources (grouping), distribute printed materials Lab Handout, LAB RESULTS, and SLIDES.  Have groups collaborate so each member uses a library, computer lab, or home internet connection to develop data.  A follow-up session in a subsequent class should be devoted to having groups collaborate to develop one set of results to hand in and present briefly to class.

Limited number of computers in classroom, group students so each group uses one computer.  Have students rotate to develop data for the exercise.  Students on each team may also be asked to take on roles such as “record data”, “perform test(s)” etc.