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Real World Learning Objects: Language Arts

“The Purloined Letter”

Content Material

Student Directions:



  • Scroll down to Contents.


  • Scroll down to Section 6.2, Stories.


  • Find the story, “The Purloined Letter” and the date it was published.


  • With a partner, read the story in its entirety.


  • With your partner, discuss the answers to the six comprehension questions.  Type the questions and answers.  (Worth 30 points)


    • Who is the detective?  (3 points)
    • Who needs the detective’s services?   (3 points)
    • Why are his services needed?  (3 points)
    • Whose letter was stolen?  (3 points)
    • How was the letter stolen?  (6 points)
    • What have the police done to find the letter?  (6 points)
    • How did the detective get the letter back?  (6 points)


  • Send the typed questions and answers to the instructor as an e-mail attachment.


  • Individually, deduce the author of the letter and its contents.  Make a guess as to why Poe concealed this information from readers.


  • Use your computer to correspond with at least two people: a fan of Poe, a deaf student, a hearing student, or an expert on Poe. 


a.  Fan Listing:

b.  E-mail messages to deaf students of Dr. Jane Nickerson:

c.  E-mail messages to hearing students: or

d.  Experts on Poe (not yet running) – Talking about Poe Section:


                           The reasons for this e-mail communication are:


1.      to share your ideas with other readers of Poe,

2.      to learn of other’s opinions and deductions,

3.      to find out if there is agreement or disagreement as to the writer of the letter and its contents,

4.      to initiate a possible continued correspondence with other readers of Poe.


  • Print copies of your correspondence and the responses you receive.



Referenced URLs:





  • Experts on Poe (not yet running) – Talking about Poe Section: