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Real World Learning Objects: Language Arts

“The Purloined Letter”

Student Learning Objectives


For this RWLO, the student will be able to:


  • Gain an appreciation of the vast amount of information available about the author, Edgar Allan Poe, his life, works, and his popularity.
  • Use Internet resources to read the story and find the date it was first published.
  • Work collaboratively with another student to comprehend the story and answer questions.
  • Send an e-mail attachment to the instructor with the comprehension questions and answers so that students will do all of their work on the Internet rather than on paper.  However, if access to computers is difficult, students could submit a hard copy of questions and answers to their teacher.
  • Work individually to deduce the name of the person who wrote the letter and the contents of the letter.  Use inferencing skills to determine what Poe did not state overtly.
  • Surmise Poe’s reason for hiding the identity of the letter’s author.
  • Use Internet resources to correspond with at least two people regarding his deductions: a fan of Poe, another deaf student, a hearing student, or an expert on Poe.   The reasons for this include:


1.      to share ideas with other readers of Poe,

2.      to learn of other’s opinions and deductions,

3.      to find out if there is agreement or disagreement as to the writer of the letter and its contents,

4.      to initiate a possible continued correspondence with other readers of Poe.


  • Provide the instructor with a hard copy of the student’s e-mail correspondence and replies.