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Real World Learning Objects: Science




Time: Approximately 90 minutes


Materials: Computers with Internet access.



Part A.

Familiarize yourself with the following key components of a patent, assignee, inventor, dependent and independent claims, and calculating the expiration date.  A good source of information is the site:


The site has definitions and uses a sample patent to illustrate key components.  This copyrighted image is used with the permission of the author. Introduce the key components of a patent to the students.


Additional information can be found at the homepage of the USPTO:


Definitions can be found in the Glossary section


Images from the USPTO are use with the permission of the webmaster.


Part B.

Access the USPTO site:

Demonstrate quick searches using key terms.  Highlight the different fields that can be searched: Title, Abstract, Claims, etc.



Part C.

Have the students search the database and identify a patent related to one of the top drugs.



Part D.

Have the students complete the Report form..


Part E.

Assess each student’s report.