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Creating a Spreadsheet to Analyze the Global Digital Divide

Content Material

  • Student Directions:    
    • If you wish, click here to download and save a printable word-document version of these instructions:  Student Instructions
    • Investigate the Digital Divide, either independently or with your instructor (or fellow students).   What is it?   What conditions/variables define it?
    • Use the following URL to scan for information about access to the Internet available to nations throughout the world.   Take the time to learn what these terms mean: "Active Internet User" and "ISP". Jot down those definitions for reference.
    • Download, save and open the following spreadsheet: Student Spreadsheet: The Global Digital Divide
    • Note the columns set up in the spreadsheet.
    • Capture (copy and paste) the appropriate information related to Internet Access and usage in the United States into the spreadsheet.  Check your work for accuracy and correct positioning.  Not every column will be filled just yet.
    • Using the following political maps, select one nation from each major continent:
    • Return to the clickz site.  .   Capture (copy and paste) the appropriate information related to Internet Access and usage for each of your selected countries into the spreadsheet.  Once again, check for accuracy and correct positioning.
    • From your spreadsheet, note the empty columns and the data they should represent.   ("Percent of Population that is Internet User" and "Percent of Population that is Active User")   Create a formula for the columns that would complete that calculation.  If you need help inserting formulas into an Excel spreadsheet, please click here.  In order to view this video, you will need Windows Media Player.   If it is not installed on your system, you may click here to download a free version.
    • Use a calculator to check the reasonable-ness of the figures that are now listed in your spreadsheet.   This is a way to make sure that you have 1) used the correct formula and 2) set it up properly in the spreadsheet.
    • From your spreadsheet, create a chart to visually display your findings.  For help in creating a chart from an Excel spreadsheet, click here.    This help file is also a video that will launch in Windows Media Player.
    • Study both the spreadsheet and the chart.   In a few paragraphs, summarize your findings.   Can you draw any conclusions from your data?   Does your data give rise to more questions?   What questions do you now have?  Respond to these questions in your paragraphs.
    • Submit both your spreadsheet file with its chart and your summary statement to your instructor.
  • Referenced URLs: