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Creating a Spreadsheet to Analyze the Global Digital Divide


Time: Approximately 50 minutes


  1. Access to the Internet or a hard copy of the current data on global Internet access/usage
  2. Access to computers with Microsoft Excel or comparable spreadsheet software.
  3. Optional:  Word-processed version of Student Instructions.
  4. Optional:  Windows Media Player to view video guides to inserting a formula into Excel and creating a chart.


  1. Some familiarity with spreadsheet software (basic)
  2. A rudimentary sense of what is meant by the term Digital Divide

Implementation: This RWLO can be used either in a computer lab or as a homework activity/small project.    It can be used as an exercise in using (or assessing understanding of) spreadsheets, reading tables, creating charts, and/or understanding the global Digital Divide.


  1. Provide instructions for students related to the Digital Divide.    Instructor, individuals or groups may use
  2. Direct students to a resource providing current statistics related to global Internet access/usage:
  3. Illustrate how to or direct the students to extract the relevant data for the US into the provided spreadsheet template.  Download and save to your computer:   Student Spreadsheet: The Global Digital Divide
  4. Working independently or in small groups, have the students each extract the data for five other nations (one from each of the major continents) and insert this data into the spreadsheet.   Students may be provided with hard copy political continent maps or use the following Web-based resources:
  5. Demonstrate how to or ask the students to insert a formula into the empty columns of the spreadsheet columns to calculate the percentage of the total population of each of the selected nations that has access to and uses the Internet.  The students may view a streamed video for assistance, if needed.  Video Demo: Inserting a Formula
  6. Have the students represent this data in a chart, following the directions provided.  Video Demo: Creating a Chart
  7. Direct the students to summarize their findings in a written statement of a few paragraphs in length.   This summary should include not only their observations based upon the data they gathered and processed, but should ask them to articulate the questions that emerge in the study of this data.