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Creating a Spreadsheet to Analyze the Global Digital Divide


Recommendations for Integration:

Three variables determine how this activity can best be implemented:

  • Excel/Internet Skills of Students
  • Class Time Available
  • "Weight" to be Assigned to Project

Excel/Internet Skills of Students:   If the students are experienced Excel users and are comfortable using the Internet, then the time consumed by this activity will be less.   They won't need as much instruction, demonstration, and support from the instructor.   It could, in this case, be assigned exclusively as an out-of-classroom project.   This activity could also begin in a lab or classroom environment, with the instructor demonstrating the process, then be completed during a lab period or as out-of-class work.

Class Time Available:  If this activity is completed in a computer lab, it could be completed in one 50 - minute class period, with teacher guidance depending upon student skill levels.   If the instructor wished  to expand the activity, then the students could assemble in groups after completing their individual data collection and analysis and collaborate on a chart/table/report that was more inclusive.  Students could also be instructed to do a bit of research on their selected countries, to provide some context to the gathered data.

"Weight" to be Assigned to Project:    If this activity is to be graded merely as a small homework or lab activity, then the instructor would not want to spend more than one class period on it.   If, however, the instructor wished to weigh this work more heavily, then it could be assigned as a larger, more time-consuming project, demanding more independent work.



  • Copies of the continent maps could be provided as hard copies, or classroom maps could be used if they are available and sufficiently up-to-date.
  • Download the Student Spreadsheet to student terminals or to floppy/CD prior to the class session.
  • Create a copy for overhead transparency of the data related to global Internet access.