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Real World Learning Objects: Language Arts

Discovering Cleveland’s History






Incorporates Images/Sanborn Map collection links

No images/links included. 0 points

Has 1 to 3 images/links, but not well formatted to document – too large, misplaced or out of context. 5 – 6 points

Has at least 3 well formatted images/links placed nicely in document and relevant to content. 7-10 points

Neighborhood Background

No background information on the neighborhood included. 0 points

Background information limited and written poorly. 5-6 points.

Background information is thorough and well written. 7-10 points.

Evaluation of websites

No evaluation included. 0 points

Evaluations limited and poorly written. 5-6 points.

Evaluations thorough and well written. 7-10 points.