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Real World Learning Objects: Language Arts

Developing a Speech Outline


Time: Approximately 30 minutes in class, approximately 1 hour outside of class.


Materials:  A computer monitor with web-access attached to a video-data projector, handouts of both the assessment materials and the transcripts of the speech.


Prerequisites: None


Implementation: This RWLO begins in the classroom with a discussion about effective and memorable public speeches.  At the end of this discussion students will observe broadcast footage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech (12 minutes).  A discussion following the speech will identify important aspects that lead to the success of a public speech.  Students will be given handouts that describe the required speech outline as well as transcripts of the speech.




1.      Discuss key elements of an effective speech and an effective speech outline.

2.      Observe a dynamic speech presentation.

3.      Reflect on the components that made the delivery of this speech a landmark event.

4.      Discuss the transcript of the speech, including the conditions in which it was written.

5.      Develop an outline for the speech to include the thesis, introduction, body, transitions, conclusion, and bibliographical citations.