Know Yourself before Meeting Others


Your goal is to gather specific information from three classmates to use as the content for three focused paragraphs. Every student will play the role of interviewer as well as be interviewed by his/her classmates. Before you interview your classmates, think about the information you will provide when a classmate interviews you. The assignment requires that each paragraph focuses on one main idea. You need to communicate:

  • one interesting idea about you and your life, and

  • enough detail, examples, and explanations to allow your classmates to create a paragraph about your one interesting idea.

What one significant and interesting characteristic makes you unique? What are your hobbies and/or special interests? How do you spend your weekend and/or working time? This could be your passion for restoring an older car, your efforts to raise well-adjusted and educated children, your determination to become a fire fighter, or your dream of traveling to Peru to climb Machu Picchu (or any other hobby, activity, or concept you find interesting).


Write a sentence that states one interesting idea about you.



·    Dragon collecting is a way of life for Sarah Wilcken.

·    Philisha Begay is a proud 19-year-old Navajo woman who keeps her Navajo tradition alive by weaving rugs.

·    Jenni Hickox is pursuing a nursing degree at GCC, but underneath that sedate façade lays the soul of a speed demon and car buff.


Write a list of at least ten details, examples, and/or descriptive stories that explain your one interesting idea.


You might include:

·    descriptions of your idea,

·    why you became interested in this idea,

·    when you began and for how long you have pursued this idea.

·    How did you first become interested in _______?

·    Did someone introduce you to this interest/hobby?

·    How often are you able to participate in this activity? How many hours a day/week/month?

·    Have you obtained any special training/background for this interest? What? and where?

·    What accomplishment are you most proud of?

·    What do you like most about this activity? Why?

·    What do you like the least about this activity? Why?

·    Do you share your interest in ______ with anyone else? Who?

·    Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years?

·    What are your goals regarding this interest?