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Writing Focused Paragraphs

Student Learning Objectives

For this RWLO, the student will be able to:

  • send and receive email to communicate with three classmates.
  • establish an academic relationship with three classmates that may develop into a supportive study network.
  • progress from general, introductory exchanges of information with classmates to the exchange of information that focuses on one specific idea or concept or activity.
  • organize ideas and plan three tightly focused paragraphs of 8 to 10 sentences each in length.
  • write summarizing topic sentences that state the main idea for each paragraph.
  • write three focused paragraphs of 8 to 10 sentences in length.
  • revise and edit the paragraphs to improve sentence clarity and logical organization of ideas.
  • correct mechanical, spelling, and grammatical errors.
  • publish the paragraphs to a blog to share with classmates.