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Writing Focused Paragraphs


Time: 3 hours


Class sets of these documents:

Prerequisites: Students should be able to read and write emails.

Implementation: This RWLO is intended for the beginning of a semester.  It should be introduced in the classroom and students complete the email and planning activities outside of the classroom.  Students then meet in the classroom again to discuss the email interview experience, edit and revise their paragraphs, and submit them to the instructor.


  1. Discuss with students the value in working with peers.
  2. Hand out the list of names and email addresses of students and explain that students will write emails to three classmates.  If students do not have email accounts, explain how to create an email account at
  3. Hand out the Know Yourself before Meeting Others document,  Discuss with students how to prepare before writing and responding to emails from their classmates.
  4. Hand out these documents and discuss with students, answering any questions:
  1. Allow students time in the classroom to establish partners for interviewing each other.  The students should exchange email addresses with three classmates. 
  2. After they leave the classroom, students will conduct interviews through email.
  3. Students will view the slideshow Writing Focused Paragraphs using an internet browser.
  4. Students will organize the information gained through emails. Students will plan and write three paragraphs about three classmates.
  5. At the next class meeting, discuss with students the email interviewing experience.  Students will edit and revise their paragraphs and submit them to the instructor.
  6. Students will create a blog at and publish their paragraphs.