Student Example Paragraphs


Example 1


Dragon collecting is a way of life for Sarah Wilcken. While she doesn't remember which of her dragons came first, she does know that they have figured prominently in her life since she acquired her first dragon. From the dragon emblazoned clothing that she wears, to necklaces and jewelry featuring pewter dragons, they are an ever-present feature of her day. Sarah hasn't counted how many dragons she has, but it's not numbers she's interested in, it's variety and quality. In the variety category, she has dragon light switches, daggers, movies featuring dragons, dragon cigarette lighters, and of course, a dragon cigarette case to match. For a little escape, Sarah has a series of books called Dragon Lance, which she describes as being similar to another popular series, Dungeons and Dragons that features her favorite mythical creature. In the quality department, Sarah has a collection of Dragon figurines, several of which are well over a foot tall, are cast in bronze, and prominently display fine leaded crystal detailing. She also has a number of posters and art prints to round out her substantial collection and to adorn the walls in her house. Dragon collecting is a unique and interesting diversion, and Sarah shows no signs of ever giving up this interesting hobby.


Example 2


Philisha Begay is a proud 19-year-old Navajo woman who keeps her Navajo tradition alive by weaving rugs. Her mother first introduced her to the Navajo tradition at the age of eight. At the age of eight she had little interest towards her tradition, but began to learn about it. The most important thing she learned was that each pattern, color and design in a rug represents a piece of her culture. Some other things she learned were how to gather and create the yarn for the each and one of the rugs. She also learned that each rug is used for different purposes. A rug can be given as a gift, it can be traded off for something in return or it can be auctioned off. She learned that her works of art were worth from three to four thousand dollars a piece. Philisha finally began to weave her own rugs, at the age of sixteen. It took her about a month and a half to weave and create her first rug. It is also a tradition to keep or give away your first rug as a gift. A woman should never sell or trade her first piece of art. Philisha decided to keep her first rug and treasure it forever. Philisha is proud to be a part of the Navajo tribe, and plans on continuing her tribe’s tradition of rug weaving from generation to generation.


Example 3


Jenni Hickox is pursuing a nursing degree at GCC, but underneath that sedate façade lays the soul of a speed demon and car buff. Jenni’s passion is modifying her 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier to the Euro Style that she loves. To date, Jenni has lowered her midnight blue car and added chrome wheels, a cold air intake system, and lots of other shiny accessories. She talks proudly about having saved up enough money to let her enjoy her car, but Jenni isn’t happy with just having pretty transportation. Speed is what really makes her eyes sparkle. In fact, on the weekends Jenni can usually be found at the Firebird Raceway, the only place speed demons can go to prove the superiority of their machines. Here, this crowd of participants can drag race their vehicles to their hearts’ content, as drag racing on public streets is frowned upon. Just ask Jenni about her $900.00 ticket! That’s the price for drag racing, as well as eight driving record points. Luckily, Jenni was able to attend Traffic Safety School to take care of those points. Jenni says she’ll save the speed contests for the racetrack from now on, and save the wear and tear on her wallet too.