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Using Comparatives and Superlatives: Making a Purchase

Project Overview

Adult English Language Learners or English as a Second Language students who have studied comparative and superlative adjective forms require compelling, real-life topics with which to practice these grammatical forms.  In a traditional lesson, students typically practice using comparatives and superlatives by looking at pictures of people or objects in their textbooks and discussing the similarities or differences they see.  Everyone looks at the same pictures and there is little connection to real-world activities or skills. 

For this RWLO, students will access one of two websites ( or to find, compare, and decide on one of  three vehicles or houses to hypothetically purchase.  These will be actual, real-time objects that exist in the students' local communities and are available for purchase. Individuals will have a choice in selecting objects to discuss.  Students will also practice an important real-life skill; they must engage in critical thinking to compare the qualities of the objects they choose and explain how those qualities affect their purchasing decisions.