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Using Comparatives and Superlatives: Making a Purchase


Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Materials: Student Directions, computers with Internet access OR print-outs of information on 3 vehicles or houses,  and the downloadable student directions Word document "Using Comparatives and Superlatives:  Making a Purchase") from the Content Material section.

Prerequisites: Students need to have had an introduction to the rules for forming comparative and superlative adjectives.

Implementation: This RWLO can be completed in the classroom if there are enough computers for each student or small group (2-3) of students.  Otherwise, the RWLO can be assigned as a homework activity to complete, and the student can explain their final purchasing decision at the next class meeting.


  1. Provide access to the Student Directions OR print and distribute the Using Comparatives and Superlatives:  Making a Purchase (Word document- 179 KB) located in the Content Material section of this RWLO.
  2. Review the instructions with the class as needed. 
  3. Tell the students to decide if they will research a car or house to hypothetically purchase and instruct them to access the corresponding website link listed in the Student Directions and to then follow the instructions for the website they choose.
  4. After the students have found their 3 objects, they should answer the questions listed in the Student Directions about the qualities/characteristics and similarities/differences of the objects, and then decide which of the 3 they would like to purchase.
  5. Give the students time to explain their decision to other students in another group or to the class.  Remind them to use comparative and superlative adjectives whenever possible while explaining.