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Using Comparatives and Superlatives: Making a Purchase


Recommendations for Integration:

This RWLO can be used after the students have received instruction in how to grammatically form comparative and superlative adjectives.  Students should be encouraged to not only use the adjective forms listed on the Student Worksheet, but to brainstorm additional adjectives (the base, comparative, and superlative forms) that are commonly used to describe homes, neighborhoods, cities, and transportation.  Such a brainstorming session can be initiated by the instructor as a means of introducing the topic of the RWLO and prior to its implementation in the class.


If computers will not be available in the classroom or if the Internet connection may be unreliable, the instructor can go to the websites listed on the Student Worksheet prior to the day of class, find 3 cars or houses for the students to compare, and print out enough copies of this information to give to the class.  Alternatively, the Classified Ads section of a newspaper generally contains abbreviated versions of the types of information available on the websites and may be used instead.