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Real World Learning Objects: Educational Technology
A Study of Diverse Populations Through the Creation of Charts and Graphs


Recommendations for Integration:

Pre-Activity: Think/Pair/Share

Who are today's students?  What you think schools will be like is closely related to what you experienced in schools yourself, either as a student, a volunteer, a parent, or now as an observer. Think back to when you were a student in a K-12 setting. Classify the students by ethnicity. Do you think that your experience reflects the way things are or will be in your community’s school district? 

Post-Activity: Cooperative Learning Jigsaw

Divide the class into groups of three.  Each of the member of the group will learn about characteristics of two ethnic groups and teach it to the members in their group.  The cooperative groups goal is that each member learned the characteristics of each ethnic group.


1.  Presentation Groups: Students should get in your assigned groups developed by the instructor.  Students should use the websites found under Supplementary Resources to develop their lesson.
  • Student 1 with be assigned: Arab-Americans and Asian-Americans
  • Student 2 with be assigned: African-Americans and Hispanic Americans
  • Student 3 with be assigned: Native-Americans and White Americans
2.  Preparation Pairs: To develop their lesson students should form a preparation pair with a member from another group who has the same part. The students' task is to:

a. Learn and become an expert on their part.

b. Plan how to teach their part to the other group members

3.  Presentation Groups: After completion of lesson presentation, students should return to their original groups and:

a. Teach their area of expertise to the other group members.

b. Learn the materials being taught by the other group members.



  • Print out the U.S. Census Bureau Website State and County Quick Facts  and all of the materials referenced in the Content Material section of this web site.