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Online Collaborative Writing

Content Material

  • Student Directions:

    Getting Ready


    You will receive an Invitation to Collaborate email from your instructor with information about accessing the Collaborative document on Google Docs.   Instructions on setting up a Google login will be included.

    Access the Collaborative Google Doc and contribute the following information  - 3 parts.   You do not have to do this in one sitting.  You can return to the Collaborative Google Doc at any time.   


    If you are the first person to access the Website, write your definition for Each of the technologies.  If someone has started definitions, edit or add information (Similar to contributing to Wiki Encyclopedia.)  Do not add a separate definition.      Hyperlinks can be added for provide examples.


    After selecting a reviewing your two articles, write your one paragraph summary/evaluation.  Be sure to include your name and a link to the article.

Lesson Ideas

Share your ideas on how either wikis or blogs could be used in education.   Include grade level and subject.  Be sure to include your name.