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Accessing Chemical Safety Information

Content Material for the Student

Student Directions:

    • Preclass Assignment A: Using the Material Safety Data Sheet provided by your instructor, circle any words which are not known to you
      • Send to your instructor, via email, a list of the words for which you do not know the meaning. The instructor will compile a master list of words which require further understanding.
    • In class, practice locating the vocabulary specific to Material Safety Data Sheets. As directed by your instructor, use specialized dictionaries available in the classroom or on the internet to locate the meaning of the words.
    • Pre-class Assignment B :
      • Submit the vocabulary with explanations via email or discussion board as directed by your instructor.
      • Choose a chemical product you routinely use in your home for which you will locate an MSDS. Good candidates are those products which contain an ingredient list on the label. Perhaps you will find it under your kitchen sink or on a high shelf.
    • In class, observe how MSDSs may be located on the internet
      • As directed by your instructor, locate an MSDSs on the internet for your chosen chemical product. Generally, the chemical manufacturers have their MSDSs listed at their website.
      • Pay particular attention to how to determine if an MSDS refers to the the particular form of the chemical you are using (solid vs. a solution, for example).
    • Pre-class Assignment C:
      • Use what you have learned to locate safety information on a household chemical product. Review the information and write a paragraph summarizing the concerns of which one must be aware when using this chemical. In conclusion, be sure to mention any changes in how you would handle the chemical in the future. based on what you learned from reviewing the MSDS.
      • Save the paragraph as a document and send to your instructor via email as an attachment.
      • Prepare to give a brief verbal report to the class on how the particular product you selected should be handled for maximum safety.
    • In class
      • Present a brief verbal description of the techniques for safe usage of your selected chemical product.
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