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Alien Encounters: Writing about the "Other"

Links to Course Competencies

This RWLO is designed to be applied in Early American Literature. Specifically, this RWLO meets the following course competencies:

  • Identify a representative sample of American literature before 1865. The RWLO incorporates a critical reading of several early American texts.

  • Connect the works of literature with events, scientific advances, and ideas contemporary to the literary works. The RWLO encourages students to reflect on how the context in which these works were written informs the texts themselves by exploring the encounter between two alien cultures, each with their own ways of understanding themselves and the cultural other.

  • Connect issues of race, class, gender, and multiple points of view to themes contemporary to the literary works and our lives. The RWLO helps students to reflect on how an individual's sense of connectedness with his or her own group informs how those identified as belonging to a competing group will be seen.